My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. (John 10:27)

The Light of God's Truth - "For God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth on him will not perish, but have everlasting life." (John 3:16)

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Jesus for Life




Many of us have no doubt have thought at some time or

other that there must be 'more to life'.


The good news is that there is! There is much more, 

a FREE gift from God.


Most people don't realise that it is a free gift. They think

that they can earn their way into heaven by living a good

life, or by turning up to church each Sunday. But

whatever our ancestry, background or upbringing,

whatever rituals and ceremonies we have performed,

whatever religion we have followed, however sincerely we

have tried to live a good life, the same facts remain. 

We are spiritually dead.


The truth is that none of these things make someone

right with God - a Christian.


We are morally corrupt. We are guilty before God. 

We are powerless to save ourselves. 

Left as we are, our case is hopeless.


Rather than rely on guesswork and what we think we

need to achieve, God's word (the Bible) tells us how to

have a relationship with God and 

a life that is lived to the fullest.


Jesus tells us in the Bible that he has come that we may

have life and have it to the full! Getting more out of life

depends on our response to this man Jesus Christ.

Jesus claimed himself that he was God, and has the right

to be in charge of us. His death on the cross and

resurrection three days later proves that he has 

the right to be the master of all creation. 

We were created to be with him, to love him with 

our heart, soul, mind and strength.


But, unless we are a Christian,  we don't want Jesus 

to be boss. We want to be FREE to live life our own way.

But if  we turn our backs on our creator, we are no 

more free than a train is free when it leaves the railway 

tracks. Having 'derailed' our relationship with God, 

our lives are spinning wheels in the sand.


One day this condition will become permanent. 

Having spent our lives saying 

"Jesus, I don't want you in my life",

God ultimately lets us have it - 

he gives us an eternity FREE of his influence and care 

(which means being cut off from every good thing). 

Of course, this is not LIFE at all - it is the opposite.


But because of his love, God doesn't want us to end up

this way. We can't do anything to earn our way back into

God's good books - but the good news is that we don't

have to. God sent Jesus into the world, and Jesus lived the

way we were always meant to. Jesus came to provide the

only way by which we could be reunited with God. 

His innocent death took the punishment 

WE deserve because of our rejection of God.


Because Jesus has paid the price for us, he offers us a free

gift of forgiveness and eternal life. 

We either reject or accept that free gift.


If we reject Jesus then - eternally - we will have a life

without him, a life without love, peace and 

all else that brings meaning to us.


To make no decision is to stay on the path 

leading towards this same fate.


To make a decision to accept Jesus into our lives and to

gain eternity with him, we need to make a permanent

choice to turn back to God, and let Jesus be our God.

We need to trust in his forgiveness. We need to thank

Jesus for coming to reunite us with God, our father, and

showing us the way to truly get more from life, 

both in this world and the next!


God's FREE offer is eternal life through Jesus Christ

his son; forgiveness and freedom from spiritual death.








that you haven't let God be God in your life,



your life to his will and loving authority,



on Jesus alone for your acceptance by God and

nothing that you have done.



Then pray to God and tell him of your decision:


Dear God,


I admit

I have ignored you in my life and now I no longer want 

to live that way.


I believe

that Jesus is your Son and that my sinfulness can be 

forgiven because of Jesus' death and resurrection.


I commit

my life to following Jesus as my leader and rescuer,

and I will trust and obey him in my life in the 

sure knowledge I am eternally secure with you,

my God and heavenly father.



What now ?